#series. The Seating Area.


As grown-ups we limit ourselves to certain spacial arrangements. On a daily basis, we eat at tables, sit on chairs or sleep in beds. While actions that allow for different perspectives, such as standing on a latter or lying in the grass are rare in a world filled with standardized products.


#912 may be used as a plaid or a mat, offering the same comfort as a sofa, while building up many new perspectives, and no longer reducing seating comfort to a certain height. The rectangles are arranged in a simple geometric grid and the base area of 150 cm x 220 cm is attached to the carrier fabric.

One of the plaid's advantages is its flexibility. The segmentation of the sheet makes it flexible, which in turn permits it to be rolled, draped, leaned against the wall and much more. The seating area may be rolled up and transported any time.

Pillows in two different sizes with a distinctive voluminous pattern expand the ensemble. The number of padding elements on the upper side of the pillowcase determines its size - 16 elements for 40x40cm and 32 for 40x60cm large pillows.

All of the textile products are sewed and filled with foam and non-woven fabric.


Tyvek® is a brand of flash-spun high-density polyethylene fibres, a synthetic material well known in the packaging industries. The material is very strong; it is difficult to tear. The material's transfer to the field of upholstered furniture or home textiles isn't very common. That is why #series is so extraordinary and experimental.

Used Materials:   Tyvek®, polyurethane foam, non-woven fabric, zip.